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Deloitte Custom Event Q4 2020









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The Deloitte AI Institute

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The future is you with data-honed instincts and limitless advantage.

Join Deloitte and our analytics + AI technology alliances team as we launch our Age of With event series with a focused look at data and cloud modernization. This event will:

  • Help to elevate your team’s AI IQ—from analytics programs to cloud-enabled platforms to big data architectures.
  • Deliver strategic insights from Deloitte analytics leaders, as well as our alliance partners.
  • Reveal how top-level adopters optimize value throughout their modernization journeys.
  • Include exclusive demos on the latest technologies built with Deloitte’s alliance partners.
  • Offer up three custom experience tracks to tailor the agenda to your ambitions and priorities.
  • Create opportunities to network and connect with peers and industry leaders.

Get started by choosing the right experience for you.

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Customize your experience

Select from three different afternoon tracks aligned with different points in the data and cloud modernization journey.


Future-proof your data and cloud strategy.

  • Build a foundation for data and cloud modernization. 
  • Identify how to leverage data and cloud platforms to generate insights and drive meaningful outcomes.
  • Establish a migration plan that’s built for the future.

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Make your data strategy a business reality.

  • Implement a modern data and cloud strategy that drives efficiency, agility, and productivity.
  • Accelerate implementation with innovative practices and technologies. 
  • Transform your business with a strategy that delivers predictable performance and ROI.

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Expand and improve your data strategy to embrace technology disrupters.

  • Leverage tools, techniques, and technologies that take your data and cloud strategy to the next level. 
  • Capitalize on technology disruptors, advanced analytics, and next-gen intelligence capabilities.
  • Establish a foundation to continuously advance your strategy to gain a competitive advantage. 

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10.30am ET

Opening Keynote Presentation: The future of data & cloud modernization

A strategic approach to data and cloud modernization can help organizations achieve greater flexibility, accelerate insights, reduce costs, and operate more efficiently. Yet, when it comes to modern data strategies, it’s common for organizations to rally primarily around one of two objectives: data modernization or cloud migration. However, we’ve learned that the most successful modernization initiatives are those that embrace both cloud and data simultaneously. The days of data strategies without cloud are slowly disappearing – the future of data and cloud modernization is happening now.In this keynote session, Ashish Verma, the leader of Deloitte’s Data & Analytics Modernization consulting offering, will discuss the considerations of driving a modernized data program, including:

• Data & Analytics Strategy: Establish a roadmap for transformation that integrates technology disruptors such as AI, cloud machine-learning, containerization, data in motion, and edge computing.
• Cloud Data Analytics: Build analytical workloads in the cloud or new intelligence capabilities leveraging hyperscalers including AWS, Azure, Google Cloud Platform along with Snowflake or Oracle Cloud.
• Data-as-a-Service:
Transform data literacy and data management in the C-suite to empower leaders with data as a strategic enterprise asset.
• Data & Analytics Ops: Reimagine enterprise-wide data operations with advanced tools and analytics that deliver greater agility, scale, performance, and ROI.

Speaker: Ashish Verma, Managing Director and Data Modernization & Analytics Leader, Deloitte Consulting LLP

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11.00am ET

Panel: Driving Data: A perspective on the future in the Age of With

This panel will highlight insights from industry thought leaders on the future of data and AI. In this session, you will hear about:

  • How data technology is enabling organizations to innovate and compete.
  • The role that AI plays in business and what’s over the horizon.
  • The impact of cloud adoption and where it’s heading in the future. 
  • How data technology can help organizations recover and thrive through difficult times.
  • Trending areas of investment in the data marketplace and what we can expect to see from future technologies.

Moderator: Frank Farrall, Principal and AI Ecosystems Leader, Deloitte Consulting LLP & Clients


  • Bratin Saha, Vice President of Machine Learning Services, Amazon AI
  • Christian Kleinerman, SVP Product, Snowflake
  • Noah Horton, CEO, Unsupervised.com
  • Asha Saxena, CEO, Future Technologies Inc.

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11.45am ET

Coffee Break

12.00pm ET

12:00pm ET - The Power of With - Aligning People, Technology, and Strategy in the Data-Driven Enterprise

Data-driven enterprises get compounding returns from an edge on speed, scope, or scale. But large organizations don’t win a material competitive advantage by accident. In this session, we’ll dig deep into empirical patterns among today’s leaders to learn how they align people and technology behind strategies that differentiate and drive outperformance.

  • Speaker: Bryan Kirschner, VP Strategy, DataStax

12:30pm ET - Unlock The True Value Of Your Data With The Rise Of The Data Cloud

Data silos make harnessing the value of data time-consuming and expensive. In this presentation, you will hear how organizations are mobilizing their data by uniting their siloed data, easily discovering and securely sharing governed data, and executing diverse analytic workloads inside the Data Cloud — a global network that connects thousands of organizations across public cloud providers and regions.

  • Speaker: Kyle Rourke, VP of Platform Strategy, Snowflake

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1.00pm ET - The Role of the Chief Data Officer (CDO) in Defining and Executing a Modern Data Strategy

The role of the Chief Data Officer (CDO) is shifting. As more organizations prioritize greater data sharing, the CDO plays a significant part in defining a modern data strategy that drives business value. Join this session to learn about the critical role of the CDO in executing data-driven enterprise modernization and digital transformation.

  • Speaker: Susan Wilson, VP, Data Governance & Privacy, Informatica

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12:00pm ET - The Data Cloud: Driving Business Impact with Analytics and Data Science

Generating business value from advanced analytics is challenging for most organizations. In this session we’ll show you how to address the four primary challenges with a Data Cloud. We’ll also highlight data science solutions for Financial Services & Banking, Healthcare & Life Sciences, and Marketing Analytics and introduce a brand new joint offering from Deloitte, Snowflake, and AWS.

  • Speaker: Peter MacDonald, Head of Strategic Partnerships, Snowflake

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12:30pm ET - Data Cataloging Drives the Analytics Journey to the Cloud

Many organizations today have begun making significant investments in the cloud, including in data warehouses, data lakes, and cloud-enabled applications. These investments are driving companies towards becoming data-driven enterprises powered by analytics. In this session, we’ll discuss the critical role that data cataloging plays in driving the analytics journey to the cloud.

  • Speaker: Josh Alpern, VP, Domain Experts, Informatica

1:00pm ET - Innovate with AI and ML - Achieving the Data Driven Enterprise

Enterprises want to be data-driven and create valuable data products but are unable to do so due to constrained resources, lack of access to data, and high costs (a source here). The machine learning market is growing rapidly (ex: 42% CAGR), and the rate of ML use case adoption within enterprises soared between 2018-2019. As the world’s data grows exponentially, AI/ML capabilities are tracking close behind, the far-reaching implications of which are becoming clearer every day. In this session, we will discuss: How enterprises can tap into this rapid growth market and build a successful data-driven enterprise, how to scale with AI/ML with right tooling and platform, and how enterprises potentially stand to benefit from the emergence of AI & Big Data.

  • Speaker: Alvin Richards, Field CTO, DataStax

Watch On-Demand

12:00pm ET - Taking Your Data Strategy to the Next Level with Intelligent Automation

You’ve completed a cloud data modernization. What’s next? We are now in a new era of data requirements – a world in which data is required to be understood, shared, secured, connected, and contextual. In this session, you’ll learn how leveraging emerging intelligence capabilities can help you drive data transformation post-modernization.

  • Speaker: David Corrigan, VP Product Development, Informatica

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12:30pm ET - An Automation Enabled Enterprise – The Impact of Scale and Growth

As process requirements grow beyond the capabilities of robotic process automation, the expanded skills of our UiPath Automation Platform provide the right mix of tools to ensure a meaningful outcome that is capable both of expanding across the needs of the enterprise and evolving as capabilities change, from digital discovery to machine learning algorithms to insights and analytics. Join UiPath's Chief Product Officer, Param Kahlon, for an engaging discussion on the impact automation can drive across your entire enterprise.

  • Speaker: Param Kahlon, Chief Product Officer, UiPath

1:00pm ET - The Impact of Digital Talent and Intelligent Automation on ERP Transformations

The future of consulting engagements will include both Human and Digital Workers to drive speed and value to customers. These Digital Workers can instantly scale to meet customer SLAs and unique use cases. Join us for a thought-provoking and informative discussion about using Digital Talent and Intelligent Automation to deliver and augment current ERP transformation projects at speed and scale.

  • Speaker: Chieng Moua, Global Vice President of Innovation, Blue Prism

Watch On-Demand

1.40pm ET

Deloitte Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DE&I) Discussion Group: Leveraging data to uncover inequities within an organization

This interactive discussion is designed specifically to facilitate an opportunity for engagement with your peers.  Our expert moderators will guide the larger group in a productive and enriching discussion.  All participants are invited to turn on their cameras and contribute to the conversation!


  • Kavitha Prabhakar, Principal and US Diversity, Equity and Inclusion leader, Deloitte Consulting LLP
  • Jim Rowan, Principal and Chief Talent and Operations Officer for the Analytics & Cognitive Practice, Deloitte Consulting LLP
  • Anjali Shaikh, US CIO Program Leader, Deloitte Consulting LLP
  • Dr. Katlyn Turner, Space Enabled Research Scientist, MIT

Watch On-Demand

2:15pm ET

Closing Keynote  Presentation: Driving Business Impact through the Data Cloud

Nitin Mittal discusses the business value that you can unlock with the Data Cloud. Deloitte can help companies mobilize their data, and is seeing an acceleration in new innovative solutions being developed across industries. Join Nitin to hear how the Data Cloud is powering a new wave of artificial intelligence applications, and hear about your industry peers that are leading the way.

Speaker: Nitin Mittal, Principal and AI leader, Deloitte Consulting LLP

Watch On-Demand

2:45pm ET

Networking & 1:1 Meetings

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